my life would probably get 2 notes

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If the Disney Villains had won.

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Welcome to hell! To the left you’ll see math and to the right you’ll also see math. Wow seems like there’s a lot of math down here.

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religous beliefs: sloth in a onesie 


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Anonymous asked:
opinion on rollkur?




it’s stupid and bad but shouldn’t be used to describe dressage and other disciplines as a whole but most people try and label dressage as being pro-rollkur which is stupid

This. Also, the moment a horse comes behind the vertical, it can be labelled ‘rollkur’, when in fact it’s nowhere near as blac-and-white as that. Rollkur is the forced hyperflexion of the neck & poll, by hands that don’t give or soften. Some horses naturally suck BTV rather than taking the contact forward; some don’t yet have the muscles built up over their back to carry their nose in a picture perfect ‘competition outline’; sometimes working a horse long/deep/round is a good way of altering the head/neck position whilst keeping the wither lifted and the hindquarters coming through. Just because a horse is behind the vertical does not mean that it’s being forced to do so and also does not mean that it’s unhealthy for the horse. A horse having it’s head jammed in by the rider and chin nearly touching its chest? Yeah, okay, different ball game altogether and is completely and utterly wrong. But never, ever judge a horse’s way of going, or a rider’s technique, looking only at the head position.

and you said it perfectly

thank you